Warren Buffet says, “Either money is working for you, or you’re working for money”. We say the same goes for technology.

What makes us unique?

It’s very much based in our value on personal development, as well as a strong background in the technology industry and experience coaching. This is why what we do is called “Digital Transformation Coaching”, because we don’t just focus on the Technology, but we’re invested in what our clients are trying to create and the impact it has in the world.

By helping improve our clients in both their Digital skills as well as overcoming their personal challenges that are holding them back means we’re able to boost our clients’ ability to master their productivity through communication and collaboration.

One of clients commented that we “create a space together where it feels like we’re solving key problems that wouldn’t otherwise be dealt with“. That’s always been very important to us, as we have a core value on getting to and solving the root cause of an issue, rather than putting a plaster on the symtoms.

Productivity – work smarter not harder

We specialise in productivity for clients. This is all about understanding how to work smarter instead of harder, by leveraging the use of digital systems to do much of the work for you. However you can’t do that if you don’t understand how to interact with these systems, or understand the information they’re telling you. Technology is a tool to make our lives easier and just like any tool each person needs to hone their individual skills to be able to use it effectively. But most people don’t create the time and mental space they need to create a solution, they are too comfortable in their struggle.

Companies in the technology space will do user research and try to perfect their software to be used by clients, but at Ignite IT we look at improving the skills of the users themselves to be able to harness the software and hardware available to all of us in the palm of our hands to easily create what we want. And that’s even more powerful when we do it together in groups, collaborate and create synergy.

We approach this Digital Transformation from a growth mindset, which means we’re always focused on how what you’re learning serves the purpose you’re creating in the world, using techniques and learning from Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics, John Demartini, and Ryan Pinnick’s Supergenius to enhance your experience.

We work with a small team of freelancers who help us focus on delivering excellence in our work by providing support to the business, marketing and communication expertise, as well as our trusted network of partners who aid us in helping our clients in any possible way they need.


There are 5 main types of service we provide:

  1. Tech Upskill Training (Individual or Pair)
  2. Tech Consulting & Advice
  3. Group workshops (Either public or in-house company upskilling)
  4. One-off Tech FixIT & DoIT Services
  5. Training Resources (public & Bespoke)

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