Laptop Supercharge

Speed up your Laptop, Speed up your LIFE


Why should you purchase our Laptop Supercharge service?

  • Remote access to your computer allows us to provide a done-for-you service so you can sit back and relax while we get your systems lightning fast.


  • Our detailed system analysis allows us to tailor the Supercharge service for your machine and provide expert advise in the future.


  • Disabling unused startup programs on your PC will help it to speed up when loading up. Resulting in less delay and reducing your frustration of waiting to get started on your work


  • Switching off the unnecessary animation means your computer uses less resources at any point, so apps can open quicker and you can have more open at the same time


  • Uninstalling & closing unused programs frees up space & resources so you can install the programs you actually need in the future.


  • Our Decluttering process will clean up your system so you have more space on your system and the computer will start up quicker, so you can access what you need, when you need it


  • Ensuring Windows is up to date means your computer has the latest speed and security patches so Windows itself runs smoothly and freezes up less on you


  • Our Malware & Virus check-up with ensure there’s no malicious programs running hidden on your computer, so you have peace of mind knowing your computer is safe and secure


  • We remove unnecessary & space-hogging Windows Bloatware, which makes more space for you to be able to install other apps and your Windows will run faster


  • By limiting the scope of Windows Search, it will mean your search results will load up much quicker because it’s only looking on your local system, so you can find you files & apps to quickly


  • We remove unused web browser addons and setup a memory-saving addon, so that your browser runs quicker and doesn’t freeze up as much, so you have less delay when working with many tabs/programs open


Please note this service is currently only available for Windows machines


Products & Pricing

  • Essentials package (express 60-90 min) – £147
  • Comprehensive package (takes up to 4-5 hours, can be split over multiple days) – £297

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