$AVE MONEY THIS BLACK FRIDAY (& All year around) | What the Tech #16

You’re not gonna wanna miss this one! In this video I’ll show in less than 5 minutes how you can save tons of money this year during Black Friday and Cyber money. You might think a couple of deals are good but wait until you start saving with almost every purchase. All you need is a little bit of tech know-how, an email address, and some patience for the right deals.

What if I told you you can get holiday-like price savings all year around? Keepa price tracker and Amazon stay updated with all the latest info so you can just sit back and let the deals come to you. No longer will you have to wait for the Christmas rush, or the Summer sales. Find hidden deals on all kinds of products, and not just New products but used 2nd hand products as well – most of the time they’re perfectly usable with a couple of minor surface scuffs.

Isn’t 50% off worth at least 5 minutes of your time?

Check out the video to find out more! Leave a comment on how much you saved this year…




Alright guys, so it’s been a while since I’ve done a video,
but I thought it’s time to put out another vlog, especially with Black Friday coming up.
I wanted to just really serve you guys
and I’m putting out a little video, to tell you all about how you can make sure that
you save money this Black Friday & this Cyber Monday
and also just keep saving money the rest of the year,
you know, we’ve got Christmas coming up
and you need to know how to make sure that you’ve got a good price
use a price tracker and also make sure that you’ve got vouchers
Use a voucher system and you’ll be good to go.
Let me show you how to do it on the computer right now.
Alright, so we’re on the computer now and we’re going to learn how to save some money.
I’m going to use Google Chrome for this
I’m gonna get into Google search box and type in keepa.com, simple.
You want the second link over here Chrome web store.
So let’s add this to Chrome click on Add Extension on the second one
and there we go. Ok so then we go to Login,
right so you can create an account with Keepa,
But what I do is actually just log in with my Amazon account.
So I’m on Amazon Smile now means that any purchases that I make will
give a donation to the charity of my choice.
I’ve had a recommendation recently to get some Sony XM3 or XM4 headphones.
So I’m going to have a look at these good noise canceling headphones over here if you
scroll down we see that Keepa has got this price graph here.
Now. There’s a lot going on but we want to focus on is we’ve got Amazon.
So if you put your mouse over the different sections different
filters over he can look at Amazon prices, new prices.
So this is new prices on eBay, used prices.
If you have a look even the used price actually has been upped a bit.
So currently the cheapest use price is £192.
If I have a look here it says “Buy used: £192”
so if I bought them a week ago, used, they’d be £170
So it’s not just good for new products on Amazon. So we’ve got tracking.
Okay. So let’s say for example, let’s say all right,
you know what if they’ve come down to under £200,
I’m going to buy them. So I’ll put the tracker for this -10%, and then used price as well.
You know, I want to see if it comes back down to that £170 kinda figure
the figure then give me a notification
So I’ve chosen the prices that I want to get notified at, then Click “Start Tracking”
Here we go. It’s going to send me an email. It can send me a push notification.
And also if there’s any Lightning deals that are going to be happening then it will notify
me by email too. Keepa is great, it’s going to save you lots of money.
Now. Let’s have a look at Honey.
Okay, “Honey Chrome extension”
That’s what we’re going to Google. Click on “Honey for Chrome”, Click on “Add to Chrome”
It will actually give you a little demonstration when we set it up.
So here we go. So firstly you go to a website that Honey has vouchers
for going to the checkout and
Honey will have this pop-up box that tells you that there is the coupons
Then, what it does is it just puts in every voucher code
and finds you the best deal
for your purchase. and then, once it’s done that, it’ll tell you here’s the code, here’s the saving.
There you go and all you need to do then
is just checkout as normal. Okay, if you have a look here, there’s actually a
couple of voucher codes that you might be looking for.
John Lewis, you know, Curry’s. It’s just got some good voucher codes
here and there. So I’m just going to go with one example
that I know we’re going to use Shockbyte,
which is for hosting. and just there it shows you, I’m right at the check out
and tells you exactly what to do.
9 Coupons found. You just got to click apply discounts.
Okay. So now what it’s doing its going to test every single one of those nine coupons,
Right. It’s got to the end, its said look you’ve saved $20,
which is half price on this one
because it had a great voucher code. Then all I need to do is click Checkout and then I have discounts.
So there it is some really great money-saving tips.
I’ve saved so much money. Just checking the price on Amazon and waiting for a cheaper price to come along.
As well as using the voucher codes in Honey.
So go and save loads of money over Black Friday
and even after Black Friday
and Cyber Monday and everything
go and show me in the comments how much money you’ve saved using these 2 tips.
I’ll see you all in the next video.

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