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Technology Strategy Consult

As well as education and training, we also work with small business owners to take an audit of how technology is used in your company and create a technology strategy that will push your business to a new level.

We will come and spend time with you in your business to observe your current processes and interactions with technology, and then provide you with suggestions of changes you can make to make use of great tools to be more efficient with your work, so you can relieve stress and serve your clients better

In addition to making suggestions, we can also provide you with a plan of how to implement those changes and work with you on a regular basis to add a layer of accountability that will significantly boost your progress.

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Technology Partner

We like to build relationships with our clients, which lets up both have a long term working agreement as a partner to your business to provide ongoing support and advice to enable you and your employees to focus on your strengths rather than let the wrong tech hold you back.

This includes sourcing software, advice on hardware, contacting support lines on your behalf, website advice & tweaks, as well as fixed rates for training and support.

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