Purvee Shah (Mausum) – Testimonial


Read the transcript below:

So I’m Purvee, and I’m one of the directors of Mausum, and one of the main things we do is sell Indian art, wedding accessories, wedding favours, all things Indian.

So one of my biggest roles is social media and marketing and the most important thing for me is great pictures. So I was taking photos with my Canon camera, but when I was editing them I couldn’t get them to look as good as I wanted.

I bought Photoshop gave it a go. But I mean, it’s a minefield spent hours trying to give it a go. Getting frustrated and time is limited, I’ve have got kids, busy life…
and there comes Virr!

So my photos for example would come out quite dark. I tried editing it with, you know, using all the modes that photoshop provide all the different applications, but nothing was working. It wasn’t looking as good as I wanted it to, and I wanted to be able to use Photoshop within the hour and start posting that night.

The best bit for me is you came to me, so you came to my workplace,
you had a good look around at the kind of things we do so you knew straight away that the photos were the most important thing for me.

And you can see straight away what we needed.

I showed you the finishing product of my photos and you could see where I was going wrong immediately. I showed you a few pictures of what I wanted it to look like and you were able to… you were able to deal with each problem straight away for me.

I think we sat for maximum hour and a half, two hours max, where I fixed all the things I wanted to.

I’ve now been using Photoshop for around, a couple of months, three months, something like that. I think I’m maybe due for the next session to move it up a gear or two with you.

You’re just very approachable. My questions didn’t seem silly to you. I was asking thinking, ‘well I should know this, shouldn’t I?’

But you didn’t make me feel like ‘yes, you should know this.’ You took everything step by step.


So yeah, fantastic service, definitely recommend you. I know you’ve helped my dad with Excel, Word. He’s in his 70s. So for him it was a real challenge to start using them and I think he found you really approachable as well.

He’s the one who told me to ‘go and speak to Virr.’
He’s the best person for the job.


You can check out some of Purvee’s pro photoshop skills on their website (click here) where they sell decorations for Arts, Gifts, Wedding & Home.

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