Ben Laing (Online Marketing Consultant) – Testimonial

Online Marketing Consultant is a professional web design and digital marketing company situated in Kirkcaldy, Fife (just outside Edinburgh, Scotland). We help businesses become more successful by enhancing their online presence, growing their customer base and generating more sales from the Internet.

Read the transcript below:

Hi, my name is Ben Laing and I’m an Online Marketing Consultant.

I don’t consider myself very technical, but when I have Virr on my side, it really does feel like a sort of comfort area that Virr has got this!

When he’s working with you or when you’re maybe stuck and you’ve got Virr to call on, when you’re stuck.

Just that feeling of taking the stress away, of knowing that the tech side of things,

If I’m struggling then I’ve got Virr on my side, that really is comforting and that’s the best way I can describe working with Virr, and having him coach me and explain things to me.

He’s very great at communicating how technology works and how it can benefit me, and grow my business and speed up and make me more productive.

So thank you for all your help Virr on computers with tech.
It’s been really helpful.


Ben’s an absolute pro when it comes to using organic lead generation to get your phone ringing and cash in your pocket!  Get A Free Review Of Your Website & Online Marketing Strategy on his website

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