Kishore Shah (KAS Insurance Consultant) – Testimonial

Read the transcript below:

My name is Kishore Shah. I’m an independent financial adviser.

I’ve had a few issues relating to my IT skills. I met Virr, approximately a year back. During that particular meeting. I just happened to sort of talk to Virr relating to my difficulties in terms of my IT skills. He suggested that we can meet and try and think things over we then decided to continue with our meeting on a regular basis twice a week.

The biggest trait that Virr has is the fact that he was very patient with me.

I had found in my previous sources of information for IT and other things that people just rush you through the whole process. It makes my life even more difficult than otherwise.

With Virr the interesting thing was he came to my level of understanding first, and then gradually moved up through my level and then help me with the process.

The patience that he has, definitely had been a very big help to me.
So I have to be able to do a particular mortgage application from start to finish. It used to take me almost like a week or two weeks to do that.

I can now do this thing starting from processing of research work, along with the application form online, along with conclusion. I can do that within less than a week that has improved my skills with my clients as well.

And I’ve been able to do a better job compared to doing it manually.

Because of the IT skills that I have, I’ve been able to also communicate with people a lot more effectively which has improved my life in a lot of other ways, not just my business.

One piece of advice I definitely give to anybody: Please start doing this learning of the new way of working. New way of working and new way of life. IT skills is a must, it’s very necessary skill that you have.
I would definitely recommend Virr to be one of the person who can teach you.