What the Tech vlog #10 – Cloudy With a Chance of Storage

Did you know that any Office 365 subscription actually comes with 1TB of OneDrive storage included?
Did you also know that Office 365 is now being rebranded as Microsoft 365?
Did you know that Google Photos and Google Drive is no longer linked like it used to be?

In this video I discuss the main cloud storage providers being OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Dropbox, some of their advantages and disadvantages, as well as my own personal thoughts.

These 4 cloud providers that I’ve mentioned are not the only ones, however they are the most popular. Other providers also include Mega which offers 50gb free, Box which has great compatablity, and pCloud which is one of the few providers that offers the option of a lifetime purchase rather than a subscription option.

Hello everyone and welcome to What The Tech where we use apps, services, and other tech so that we can share our experiences with you.

So this week I actually just wanted to share a quick PSA actually about different cloud storage providers.

The main cloud storage providers are OneDrive from Microsoft, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox.

An important thing to note is how much storage space you get from each provider, how much they all cost and what features you get with each of them.

So with OneDrive what most people don’t realis

e is that actually it comes with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. So if you’re paying for Office 365 for personal or for business, you get 1 or 2TB worth of storage space with your OneDrive.

So just wanted to put that out there, I’ve had a few clients that I’ve worked with that didn’t realise that they’re actually paying for an office subscription, and paying for, for example Dropbox storage or Google drive storage at the same time, not realising that they had storage space on both and they were actually sort of wasting money.

The same is actually true for Google Drive. So the free version of Google Drive comes with 5GB as does Dropbox and OneDrive, but if you pay for the G-Suite, you actually get an additional amount of storage space.

Now iCloud also comes with pricing plans you get 5GB free and with the paid services, you can get 200GB or 2TB, you know, the 2TB is roughly the same as the Google Drive and the OneDrive and the Dropbox packages I’ve mentioned, but the iCloud 200GB is significantly cheaper and that’s one of the few options out of all of these are give you you know, that sort of middle tier amount of storage for that sort of price but there’s a slight inconvenience where unless you have an Apple software… sorry, unless you have an Apple device you don’t really have a lot of good access to office based software, like the Apple versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For example, Keynote and the other two softwares.

So the point is that, you know, each of these different providers have their own benefits and drawbacks and their own different pricing systems. They’re all usually on some sort of monthly or annual subscription basis, but the point is just be aware that you might be paying for two different services that give you some of the same features and it could be saving you money to
actually consolidate and only have all of your files and your office software in one of the services, whichever one is up for you to decide, but if you’d like to have help with organizing your files and figuring out which service to go with then feel free to contact me.

I hope that PSA was quite useful for some of you and please leave a comment below to let me know what other topics you’d like for me to talk about.

Have a great day and see you in the next one.

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