What the Tech vlog #9 – Can You Manage?

Do you still keep paper to-do lists?
Do you still delegate work by email or phone calls?
Do you waste time because your day is taken up by low-priority tasks?
Are you struggling to manage your team working from home?

If your answer to any of these is yes, then you need to check out Asana, which is a work management platform that allows you to get organised, stay on track, and hit deadlines. This helps your team to stay focused on their goals, projects, and tasks—no matter when or where they work.

Watch the video to find out more.

Hello everyone and welcome to our What The Tech vlog where we experiment with apps, services and other tech so you can learn from our experiences.

So this week I’ve actually learnt a lot about the project management tool called Asana.

So this is a system where you can actually have tasks, have sort of kanban boards or have a timeline or calendar.

There’s a lot that’s included in the free version of this but it’s super useful because of the way that it splits out your tasks into sort of sections, allows you to assign people, assign, dates, assign sub-tasks to a task and obviously have comments and that sort of thing as well.

So incredibly useful application and as I mentioned there is so much that’s included for free.

Now, I’d already used this a couple of years ago on another project and I found that it was great for for basically making to-do lists, but I didn’t quite understand how I can use it more until actually I spoke to both my brother Shiv and my video editor Michael.

So Shiv showed me how he uses the sort of board style feature to use as processes.
So, you know, you’ve got different sections of the process that first this, and this then this and this and you have a task you can move across the processes just like a developer would with a kanban board. I’ve never been a big into using kanban boards but they are super useful and I found it’s especially useful in just that visual perspective of seeing where each of your tasks are along the process of getting done.

The other feature that was introduced to me by my video editor, Michael was the idea of the calendar view so you can actually look at a month or a week at a time and see what tasks are
scheduled to be completed when you know so you can have deadlines or you can simply schedule them into your calendar to say I’m going to do this task at this time.

So again, I’d absolutely recommend checking out Asana.

Really fantastic tool for project management and just task management.

I also use it for my Sunday Sanity as part of the property entrepreneur community, you know, and it’s just really great because I can have all of my tasks in one place.

And again with the calendar view and scheduling at certain times. It allows me to make sure that those are in certain places in my calendar and I make sure that I have a specific date and time that I’m going to do each task, which is incredibly useful.

So I hope you enjoyed this. I definitely recommend you checking out Asana. There are other project management tools out there. I’ve also used Basecamp, but personally I just like the the sort of style and design and layout of Asana.
And it’s just incredibly easy to use it seems incredibly easy to use it in part of a team and I hope you found that interesting.

Please leave a like, comment and I would love to hear what you have to say and what you’d love for us to try out next see you in the next video.

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