Zoom Setup video guide | How the Tech #1

I’ve been helping a lot of people getting setup with Zoom, so I’ve created a video to show people how to install Zoom on their devices to make it easy for anyone who’s still having trouble, or if you know people would really appreciate a video guide.

Welcome to our FIRST episode of our “How the Tech” series. In our “What the Tech” series, we explore what’s possible with technology. In this new series, it’s all about understanding how to interact with those things, including both HOW-TO do things digitally, or HOW-DO different things in technology work.

I hope you’ve all been well during this isolation, and I’m sure there’s been a lot of video calling and group calls. I’m also aware that there’s been a lot of frustration with people getting used to working from home.

This demonstration shows you how to install Zoom on a Windows computer, Apple iPad, or Android Smartphone device, but the iPad tutorial can be followed on an iPhone as well. You may have issues on older device but feel free to contact me if you need help with it, of if you want me to send it by email.

I wanted to do my bit to help everyone stay connected while we’re all stuck inside. Please share with anyone who you know that is unable to get on Zoom or if you know someone who’s struggling to help their friends and family.


If you’re interested in learning more with us using Zoom, check out our new Hands on Technology Online group workshop by clicking here

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