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Watch this video to find out why we’re entering the GOLDEN AGE of Podcasting, and why podcasting is THE most powerful thing to step-changing your business to the next level.

In February 2020 I found myself talking to Woon Tan at Roger Hamilton’s “Entreprenuer Dynamics” event in London. Woon is the founder of Podcast Publishing and an expert at launching incredible podcasts to help grow your business by creating both a wider reach and a more personal connection to your target market.

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Dynamics, the No. 1 success system for entrepreneur. Roger Hamilton is the creator of Genius U and Wealth Dynamics, among many other incredible resources for entrepreneurs.

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Read the transcript below:

V – So I’m just here with Woon Tan. This is Virr from Ignite IT, and obviously we work with technology.

So Woon here works in podcasting and I just wanted to make a little video because he was telling me the amazing the thing, he’s got something here that says that we’re entering the Golden Age of podcasting.

So Woon I just wanted you to explain a little bit about what that’s all about how people can make the most out of podcasting now-a-days.

W – Yeah. So podcasting is really growing and the reason is because the brands are realising that podcasting is effective channel to sort of grow their brand and to sell more products.
And so that’s the reason why it’s really making the business even more financially sensible.

So the statistics that I was sharing with you was that a report by Spotify For Brands says that 81% of people have taken action as a result of listening to a podcast app.

So these types of action, they included three types of action.

So one of them is actually buying the product after listening to a podcast and then the other is interacting with the social media account of the brand and the third type of interaction that they discovered is people actually creating word of mouth after listening to an ad in a podcast.

So it just shows that podcasting is working and that’s the podcast ads, you know, so so we’re not just talking about podcasting as a sort of organic channel we’re talking about ads as a podcasting channel.

So you can imagine like what it’s going to do to you as a business if you’re growing your personal brand using a podcast and so its effectiveness is really increasing and more and more
businesses are realising that people just don’t have enough time to stand in front of the screen, despite this being a video but the fact is we are looking for more interesting content that is more engaging and podcasting allows you to do that.

With videos, attention span is really tight, you know, so if you don’t get attention within that 30 seconds in a YouTube video, no one’s going to watch it. Like the level of competition for video and watching on the screen has increased so much that it’s crowding out audience effectiveness of YouTube and videos, but podcasting is still early days, and so it’s still being very effective.

V – Awesome. So, thank you very much Woon, just wanted to finish off this quick video because I don’t have very much space on my phone anymore. But you know, Woon is an expert in podcasting
and getting people up and running with a podcast as well as maintaining them and that sort of thing.

And if you want to see more of him check him out at PodcastPublishing.Help and he is soon going to be on an interview.

So watch this space.

Woon anything else you want to finish off on?
W – Thank you very much for sharing this. Yeah. It’s a very exciting space to be in, doing podcasting so I really appreciate it.

V – Alright awesome, take care guys, hope you enjoyed this vlog, i’ll see you next time.

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