What the Tech vlog #7 – iPad Split

Ever wish you had 2 screens with your iPad so you can do more? Well Apple’s feature of “Splitscreen” will all you to simulate that by having 2 (Compatible) apps side by side so you can easily switch between them!

FYI this can be done on Macs too by holding the maximise icon and dragging the window to one side of the screen, as well as some iPhones!

Read the transcript below:

Hello everyone. It’s Virr from Ignite IT and this is my What The Tech vlog where I share my experiences in the world of tech to show you what’s possible.

A few weeks ago I went to Scotland and whilst it was a bit rainy I still had some really great experiences like helping my friend Ben babysit his kids.

While I was at his house, I actually discovered something I could do with my camera on my phone – it could actually scan QR codes without a separate app.

So what is a QR code?

Well, it’s sort of like a more complicated barcode. But instead of scanning in products at the supermarket, you can actually scan in the code and open something on your phone.

It’s really cool because it’s the next step in connecting the physical world with the digital world. The way I discovered this was possible is when I went to connect to Ben’s WiFi. I actually saw a QR code on the router next to the password and this piqued my interest.

So I followed the instructions there and I opened my camera and pointed it at the code which automatically came up with a little pop-up box and when I clicked that box it opened my Wi-Fi settings and it helped me to connect automatically.

It was so much easier than having to type in the long complicated password.

The other most useful way I’ve used QR codes is to open links or connect to services. For example on a computer, you can go to web.whatsapp.com – and it uses a QR code to connect from your phone to the computer. And this works on mobile data too which I was really surprised to learn!

So try it out for yourself. Next time you want to go to connect to your friend’s WiFi check if there’s a QR code that you can use on your phone.

Thanks for watching everyone , and I hope you feel this is as cool and futuristic as I do. And I’ll see you, in the next one.

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