What the Tech vlog #12 – Find Me If You Can

Do you know how to locate your mobile device if it gets lost or stolen?
Have you ever lost or had your phone stolen?

Watch the video below, where I explain how to locate your phone and also delete your data!

Were you able to find it using the method in the video? Did you even know you could do this?
Hello, everyone. This is Virr Haria from Ignite IT and this is our What The Tech Vlog when we use apps, services, and other tech and share our experiences so that you can learn from that. So this week I’m actually following on from the last Vlog where I talked about protecting your devices.
So, you know, I talked about using phone cases and screen protectors.
But you know, what do you do if you lost your device or it gets stolen?
Well, actually, you know nowadays we are very lucky that all of our devices are are almost always connected to the internet and also GPS so both Android phones and Apple phones have a ‘find’ feature.
So on Apple there’s something called ‘Find My iPhone’ or it’s actually just called ‘Fine My’ and if you go to icloud.com/find and then login using that, it would actually be able to locate your device providing it’s been logged onto the internet so that you can then actually not only see where it is but get it to play a sound, put it in lost mode, and also securely erase all of the data so that you know all of your secure passwords or data or other documents are safe.
The Android has a very similar feature. It’s called ‘Find My Device’ and if you go to google.com/android/find you’ll be able to find a very similar kind of functionality where it will show you where your Android phone is on a map as well as allowing you to ring the phone and it says it will ring the phone for five minutes, even if the phones on silent.
It will also allow you to securely lock your device so that logs you out of all of the Google services and stops someone else from being able to access your data while still be able to log back into it in the future if you find your device.
And the last option is the same as iPads where you can actually erase all of the data securely and remotely from you know, a web browser and these functions are really really useful.
You know, I’ve had my phone stolen in the past just snatched out of my hand when I was at University and it was a really frustrating experience and obviously I wasn’t able to get that back and I was very worried just because I had all of my passwords on there.
Luckily, I had a separate app called Serverus installed onto my phone, that allowed me to erase all of the data remotely.
Obviously this depends on your device being connected to the internet usually but as long as it’s got battery and as long as it’s got data, you’ll be able to use these functions of being able to remotely access your device and keep it safe even if it’s lost or stolen.
I hope you got a good lesson out of that, that you can easily access your phone’s features to keep it safe even in the worst circumstances, and I hope that never happens to you.
But if it does don’t forget icloud.com/find or google.com/android/ find both super useful features.
I hope you enjoyed that video and appreciate the value from that and i’ll see you in the next video.


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