Zoom for Windows video guide | How the Tech #2

There was a fantastic response after our video last month about how to setup and install Zoom, and we have had many questions around how to use different aspects of it. So we created a video guide showing you how to actually USE Zoom.

This demonstration gives you a full breakdown of using Zoom on a computer or laptop. This demonstration was done on Windows 10 but the principles apply for all versions of Windows and even Apple Macs and Macbooks – you may just find some of the buttons etc look a bit different outside of Zoom.
We’ll be having another video coming out too about how to use Zoom on a iPad and Android Smartphone, but wanted to separate it from the Windows version to keep it simple.
I wanted to do my bit to help everyone stay connected while we’re all stuck inside. Please share with anyone who you know that just doesn’t get how Zoom works, wants a completely easy to follow guide of how to use it, or if you know someone who’s trying to help their friends and family.
If you missed out on our first How the Tech guide teaching you how to SETUP Zoom on all your devices, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNgbxatKoPw
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