Ignite IT in the news – Asian Voice article

Recently I did a telephone interview with Sunetra Senior of Asian Voice magazine, focused on my journey as an entrepreneur, from graduating university, going travelling, and starting up Ignite IT.

It was great to reflect on what I’ve been through to get my business to where it is today, all the experiences that help me to give a better service and tell my story. Sunetra asked me some key questions like:

    • What has been a highlight moment?
    • How much did your degree help you with your current business?
    • Finally, what’s some more advice you can give to up and coming entrepreneurs?

Here’s a little snippet for you:

In short, Ignite IT forms an intermediate social architecture between the physical world of digital manufacturing and the psychological landscape of human understanding to strengthen this fundamental relationship.

Read the full article here: https://www.asian-voice.com/Opinion/Columnists/Virr-Haria-Ignite-IT

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