What the Tech vlog #2 – Star for later

Continuing the theme of social and media, I’ve now discovered how easy it is to basically bookmark messages in WhatsApp.

Could come in pretty handy when you need to save a quote from someone, an important message, or even just a funny picture they sent you that you want to show your friends. What do you want to Star for later?

Thanks again to Ben Laing for showing me!

Read the transcript below:


Hey guys, here is another tip this week that I learnt using technology.

So in WhatsApp, I learned from my friend Ben that you can actually star messages. I actually didn’t know that because I’ve never had a use for that feature, but it’s been really really useful in being able to keep messages from people that I want to go back to later.

Like for example, if they send me some details like an email address or something or you know, just a really important insight, really a useful message anything that it would be really great to be able to easily access again or even simply something that you really liked that they said to you.

So on an Android phone you can actually use the starred feature simply by highlighting the message that you want by holding your finger down on it until it’s highlighted and then at the top you’ll see a little star symbol. You click on that symbol and that means that the message has now been starred.

Then if you want to actually come back and view the starred messages; Go back to the main chat screen on Android
and then click the three dots icon at the top of the screen. That’s the menu icon and you’ll actually be able to see a menu item that says starred messages. Click on that starred messages button
and that will take you to a list of your starred messages in chronological order.

So you can see the whole list and easily be able to go back to the information that you want to see.

Hope you appreciate the tip this week.
I really find it quite useful and see you next week.


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