What the Tech vlog #1 – Coming to you ‘Live’!

Welcome everyone to my new vlog series where I share mine and others’ experiences in the world of technology. This first video is a reflection of me doing my first Facebook Live!



Read the transcript below:


How many of you use Facebook live?
Hey guys, it’s Virr here from Ignite and I’m just sharing my first technology vlog.

A series that I’m just getting started on now and it’s all really just to share my experiences around the technology world, because I want to show that actually I don’t know everything about technology
but what I really excel at is being able to figure things out.

I really believe in the idea of: ‘i’ll find a way or make a way’
So, you know just going to share my experiences and hopefully it will help some people out discover some new technologies.

Now, the first thing I wanted to start with this week is Facebook live.
I actually had a really great experience using Facebook live for the first time with Ben Laing of Ben’s Business Book Club (go and check out the link in the description), but it was really great to actually just… we were having a conversation a ‘conscious conversation’ as we call it.

Just discussing the wealth dynamics and we were just really on quite… on a roll, quite on fire and wanted to just share that value with the world and Ben just suggested: ‘Let’s jump on Facebook live.’

And I said,
’Yeah. Okay. Let’s try it’

and it was just a really great way to actually be able to
share our experiences with the world.

What I really loved about it was just not having to think about
re-editing and going back and uploading and having to deal with all the faff of kind of filming then editing and uploading. You know, you’re just live and you’re showing your content with everyone to see and that’s just what it is.

I think there’s a really authentic kind of feel about that. There were a few interesting user interface kind of things around for example having some problems inviting or being a participant in their Facebook live. Also, you have to film in landscape mode.
So unless you’ve got a tripod you got to hold your arm up for quite a while which would be quite tiring. And the other thing really was that kind of a little bit of sound issues and connectivity issues.

But otherwise, I think it’s just a really great platform. Really easily get your message out there and I suggest everyone to be posting regular videos out there. It’s just a great way to almost do a video diary if nothing else.

So I hope you enjoyed my first little tech vlog and watch this space for more to come.


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